Student Corner: Tomas Nicolas

Hello guys, my name Tomas Nicolas. I am 19 years old. I come from Palembang City, South Sumatra Province. I entered INSTIPER taking a bachelor’s degree in agriculture majoring in forestry, batch 2020. I am a student of SHTI-RAPP class C, I received this scholarship from PT RAPP. Here I will share my experience after receiving this scholarship. 

The APRIL Scholarship is a scholarship program provided by RAPP (PT Riau mainstay Pulp and Paper), to select students from all over Indonesia. This scholarship is awarded to students in the form of full tuition fees, money for daily living, and boarding fees for housing. 9 scholarship recipients from my city, are the best/quality students. Work practices and internships will be carried out on plantations which are places where graduates are entitled to receive them. In the 2020 batch, 44 students who have met the requirements have received scholarships. Tests carried out by scholarship recipients include psychological tests, potential tests, academic tests, interviews and medical tests.

At that time I heard from the school that there was a scholarship called RAPP, after being told what scholarship it was, I studied a lot before the exam and did not forget to pray. Previously, I asked for prayers and blessings from my parents to take the scholarship test. At the end of the exam and waiting for a few days, finally the exam announcement came out and there was my name on the announcement, I was very grateful at that time and also thanks to the prayers and blessings of my parents. My dream to study abroad has been achieved, as humans if we have the desire to achieve something it is not easy because all of that there are obstacles if we always try and pray everything will be achieved and also don’t forget the blessing of our parents, because apart from trying and praying we also need parental approval so that everything we want can be achieved.

Being an INSTIPER student is an honor for me. I feel comfortable and happy because the lecturers are kind and friendly so that the learning process becomes comfortable and smooth. The delivery of the material given in class also goes very well, at INSTIPER university I get new educational knowledge that I have never learned. From there I can learn a lot to protect the forest environment because human resources also learn from the forest. After I graduate from university, I will carry out my obligations that have received a scholarship to work at the RAPP company (PT Riau mainstay Pulp and Paper)

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