Student Corner: Mahathir Muhammad Gafur

Hello everyone!!, My name is Mahathir Muhammad Gafur. I’m 20 years old. I come from Pekanbaru, Riau. My study focus in INSTIPER is Oil Palm Plantation in faculty of agriculture batch 2020. I’m a student of SPKS-SMART class. My class contained the Sinarmas scholarship awardees. Next, I will share my experience, reflections during college, and as a scholar at the INSTIPER.

The sinarmas scholarship is a scholarship given by Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food (SMART Tbk.) to all who have completed high school proceedings in Indonesia. The scholarship includes all the education costs of leaners during the course, every semester, for student who managed to get top 10. Then it will be given tuition fee by scholarship. Getting this scholarship was not easy because it was a lot of competition during the scholarship selection process. By 2020 the number of scholarship was around 6200. The process of selection through consists of academic potential test, psychootes, interview test, and medical test. In the year 2020 only 27 people were accepted as a recipient of a sinarmas scholarship.

During this scholarship selection process, I learned a lot from each step of selection, I began to study hard and optimistically for academic potensial tests. Then I prepare to promote myself to the company. I always pray and ask my parents for permission during the stages that ran from February to July. I believed in god if I make my fortune on tthis scholarship, I’ll be made easy to receive the scholarship program. Now, I am very grateful and happy to be accepted as one of the sinarmas scholarship recipients.

I’m very proud to be an INSTIPER student, because INSTIPER is one the best plantation universities in Indonesia. I was excited about college in INSTIPER. By teaching the best lecturer during the course it made me understand things that had not previously to be known especially in the field of agriculture. INSTIPER has the perfect facilities to make it easier for me to understand the college material.

The projection of my job after college is want to be a manager or a plantation entrepreneur. After completing this education I will work for the sinarmas company. My goal is to become a useful person for society and contributing to the company with the science I have gained.

The thing I kile about INSTIPER is the teaching way of the best lecturer and has a complete facility can guide students to become the best example during the Covid-19 pandemic, INSTIPER providing facilities such as learning videos to make it easier for student in understanding matter. So it still achieves the purpose of every subject.

The first principle of my life is that of being useful, may bring happiness to the nearest person who has fought and supported me especially my parents, family, and relatives. I believe that no matter how hard we struggle, there is a lesson. Do not give up and let alone stop to try because of failure, we can identify weaknesses for us to correct, so it can be better than ever. 

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