Student Corner : Arief Muliawan

Hello everyone, my name is Arief Muliawan. I’m 18 years old. I come from Tanjung Pandan, Bangka Belitung Islands. I logged into Instiper via the regular line. I am a student from STIPP A class, majoring in agricultural product technology, faculty of agricultural technology. I am currently in my 2nd semester of college and will soon enter 3rd semester. On this occasion, I will share my experiences and reflections while I was an Instiper student.

The beginning of my story about being able to enter Instiper is quite interesting. Because at first I didn’t really know or have enough information about Instiper. This is because when I graduated from high school, I focused more on my goal to enter a state university. Even though I was focused on entering a state university, I still thought realistically that I should prepare reserves or enroll in a private university in case I did not pass the selection for public universities. The reason I thought about joining Instiper was on the advice of a friend of mine because his parents are also alumni of Instiper. On the advice of my friend, I tried to find information about Instiper. What I knew about Instiper at that time was that Instiper was a private university known for producing work-ready graduates based on agriculture and plantations, which I also happen to be interested in. After getting enough information, I also did not forget to discuss with my parents and they agreed with my choice to choose Instiper. I entered Instiper through the regular route or entered through the written exam. The reason I chose this path was because at that time I felt I had the ability and I believed that I would be accepted through this path. During the selection of specializations, I was confused in choosing a specialization because there were quite a variety of specializations or majors at Instiper. Instiper itself has quite a lot of specialization which is incorporated in three faculties, namely the faculty of agriculture, the faculty of forestry and the faculty of agricultural technology which are adapted to the development and needs of the world of work and industry. After thinking carefully and discussing with my parents, I finally decided to enroll in the faculty of agricultural technology, majoring in agricultural technology with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural industrial technology or STIPP and at the faculty of agriculture, majoring in agrotechnology with a bachelor’s degree in agronomy or SAGR, where the first choice at STIPP and second choice at SAGR. After following the registration process, I waited for the notification to take the written exam. During the process of waiting for the notification of the entrance test, I also waited for the results of the announcement of the state university test. I was quite hopeful to be able to enter a state university but fate said otherwise, I did not pass the state university entrance exam. Hearing the news I was quite disappointed but I kept thinking ahead and preparing to take the Instiper entrance test. Not long after the announcement of a public university, I received an email notification from Instiper that the written test will start soon. After receiving the email and with the preparation that was considered quite mature, I finally took the written test. While waiting for the test results, I did not forget to pray to God to make it easy. After waiting for a long time, the announcement finally arrived and I was accepted at Instiper for the STIPP specialization. Hearing the news I felt happy and relieved because I was able to continue my education to college level. After hearing the news, I immediately completed the re-registration administration requested by Instiper.

I am proud and happy to be a student at Instiper because after being accepted at Instiper I came to know that Instiper is known as a private campus that produces competent graduates in agriculture and plantations. Instiper alumni are also known to be successful and competitive where they work. The job prospects of Instiper graduates include working in plantations and agriculture as well as in plantation product processing factories or they can also open their own jobs. In addition, if you work in a plantation product processing factory or palm oil processing factory, the average position obtained from Instiper graduates is at least an assistant manager at the factory. Therefore I feel proud and happy to hear this.

During my studies at Instiper, I experienced many ups and downs. An impressive experience for me was that I was able to learn many things that I didn’t know, especially in the field of plantations and oil palm processing. In the plantation sector, I became acquainted with various plantation commodities in Indonesia, such as oil palm, rubber, cocoa, coffee, pepper and others. In the processing of palm oil itself, I learned how palm oil is processed from whole fruit into products that we use every day, such as cooking oil and other derivative products from palm oil. In addition, the lecturers at Instiper are also quite friendly and pleasant in delivering lecture material. For his own grief, considering that we are still in a pandemic period so the lecture process must be done online and that is enough to make me feel sad considering this is my first year at Instiper. Besides that, I also feel that during online lectures, there are some materials that I do not understand, especially courses related to the calculation process. In addition, I also feel sad that I can’t do the practicum directly, but I can still take lessons or materials that are delivered during the practicum process. I also hope that this pandemic will end soon so that face-to-face lectures can be carried out.  

My hope after graduating from Instiper is that I can work where I want and make my parents proud and also I want to prove that graduates from private universities can also compete in the world of work not only graduates from state universities and I want to be useful and serve in the neighborhood where I live. The message that I can take from the beginning of my journey until now is that if the plans we plan do not match what we want, don’t give up because God has many ways and many surprises for us that come from directions or things we don’t expect because God knows better. what is best for His people. My message to friends who are reading this, stay strong, stay healthy and stay safe.

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