Learning English Strategies by Derik Rizki Purnama

Hello, my name is Derik Rizki Purnama, from class B SPA (Bachelor of Agribusiness Development) batch 2020. This time I will share an exciting experience of learning English for one semester at Instiper by online with Mrs. Monica as a lecturer in English course, and I will share easy and fun English learning tips and tricks.

During this pandemic period, of course, all lectures are carried out online, of course, there are many obstacles and difficulties encountered, especially when encountering subjects that are difficult to understand in online lectures, such as English course. When the lecturer gives material using English, we will automatically think hard, plus when there is a network disturbance, from what the English lecturer said, he certainly doesn’t know what it means, besides that if the task given must analyze and make a resume in full English video without subtitles would be really difficult.

To overcome the various kinds of difficulties that exist, of course, we have to learn more, for example, often practice grammar, conversation and any others by the learn self-taught through various ways such as playing games, watching movies, listening to music, reading comics or magazines in English, then we make notes of everything, no need to go into detail in making notes, just words or sentences that are important and often appear, or words/sentences that are trending to make them easier to understand. In doing the above tips, of course, must be accompanied by a sense of pleasure and enthusiasm so that it is easily absorbed by the brain.

My study strategy might be worth a try, especially for prospective students. These learning strategies may increase your interest in learning, as follows :

  1. Prepare the most comfortable place to study.
  2. Stay away from any distractions so you can focus.
  3. Instill in yourself the mindset that you want to be serious about learning.
  4. Create or find something that encourages or motivates you to be more excited.
  5. In learning English, of course, you can come from anywhere, so choose your best way so that you can quickly understand and easily apply it, “for example, learning from watching movies, or from applications that provide cool English learning services.”
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