What is IEA?

INSTIPER English Academy (IEA) is a medium for enhancing the use of English in agricultural education sector (agro-forestry). IEA is a center of English development in INSTIPER that provides curriculum, teaching lesson programs, activities, collaborations, mentoring, and Englishpreneurship. IEA prioritizes interdisciplinary mechanism in connecting to each program, so the programs are the results of collaboration between more than one knowledge fields and skills. For instance: English, digital, agro-forestry, technology, communication, business, etc.
The increasing of basic English skill needs in spoken, written, and audio-visual skill in the global connected era, IEA initiates creative programs and invite some institutions to be involved in those programs.

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Our Board Members

Dr. Ir. Harsawardana, M.Eng.

Lecturer in Agricultural Technology and rector of INSTIPER Yogyakarta.

Santa Monica, M.Pd.

Lecturer in INSTIPER Yogyakarta